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High Definition
Sound Technology
Advanced digital technology built for rich, clear sound and high performance.

A person with normal hearing can hear high frequency sounds that extend beyond 16 kHz. The ability to hear a wide spectrum of sound brings life and brilliance to sound, allowing the listener to experience the clarity of voices, subtle sounds of nature, the vibrant tones of music, and the many other sounds that color daily life.

That’s why SeboTek hearing instruments provide the widest spectrum of sound reproduction in the hearing aid industry–up to 14 kHz and 111 HD processing channels that automatically adjust to the user’s environment for the best hearing experience possible.

Using a patented comfort technology, the devices are so comfortable, people often forget they are wearing them. Easy-CLICK, our unique patented technology, creates an ultra-soft and gentle fit in the ear that produces a natural and comfortable feel for the hearing aid user.

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