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"Our mission is to help those who have hearing loss by providing the BEST testing and the BEST solutions with the BEST technology available. In addition, we offer the BEST HEARING AID PRICES with the BEST follow up service that can be found in Central Illinois."

hearing aids and technologies available! 

we can customize the best product to suit your personal hearing needs at the best price!

-Dale Brann

H.I.S., D.P.S.

​Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist & Dementia Prevention Specialist

Trust Our Experts With All Your Hearing Aid Needs

Heartland Hearing, Inc. is dedicated to serving our patients in a professional and compassionate way. Our goal is to be attentive to the hearing health needs of those in our community who are experiencing hearing loss. We are here to answer their questions and concerns. We will always recommend the BEST course of action for our patients and will offer our recommendation for the BEST HEARING AIDS at the BEST HEARING AID PRICES.​

Special rates are available for our MILITARY VETERANS. 

16 tips that may indicate you have hearing loss
or may need hearing aids

Hearing loss can take years to develop or may show up very suddenly. It can make life frustrating and difficult for you, your family, and your friends. Fortunately, there are signs you can look for. hearing aids in springfield, hearing aids in decatur, hearing aids  

Dale Brann, H.I.S.